Glow In The Dark

by Cassandra Grace

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    Cassandra Grace is a New Jersey/Connecticut singer/songwriter. Not being tied to any specific genre, Cassandra Grace makes incredibly beautiful, sometimes haunting songs that come from a very honest place. Whether pairing her melodies with lush, atmospheric instrumentation or simply guitar, each song is a very unique listen.

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From the artist:

"This album is a result of being locked in my room with a keyboard, a microphone, and the ghosts of a bunch of people who I thought I loved. We partied and celebrated youth and confusion and the acceptance of it all.

Special thanks to Lora Mathis for recording her poetry for me on the first track. (she is brilliant, read more of her stuff at )

Thanks to my family for tolerating me being up all night every night recording, and my friends who didn't mind when wouldn't shut up about things."

Cassandra Grace can be found on facebook here:

and her main bandcamp page can be found here:


released May 18, 2014

Written/recorded summer 2013 by me in scenic my bedroom, new jersey.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: So Be It
The best thing about me is that I can carry
The weight of this love for all of those around me
The worst thing is that I don’t think I have anything else.
Its these times in the morning im left feeling empty
Wondering how it feels to be wondered about
And it tears me apart, I miss being part of a whole.

My thoughts carry me when im wishing that you would
I am alive but im not sure im living
Youre two in the bush, and I have not slept in days.
Cause I dreamt that you kissed me three times in public
Although you were desperate and drugged and denatured
I do not think that that’s any way for love to survive.

But I still wanna be the dust in your hair
I still wanna swim in the shape of your mouth
The texture of your lips and my thumb on your skin, I want it all
Ive got this perspective, we stopped getting older
And if your dull eyes leak their tears on my shoulder
Then so be it, im already drowning in them.
Track Name: You Are Burning (Sea Song)
I opened my eyes because you wanted to see them
And realized why I had kept them shut
The darkness was something to cling to
Permanent should I need it to be.
Im on a tightrope with no safety net
I’ve swam too far out into the sea
Waiting for you to claim me
While knowing youre not waiting for me.

I will sweat and swim alone, defeated
Sitting, rotting like candle wax
Hoping for your flame to mold me
(but I am not as malleable as everyone believes.)
And you are burning bridges, houses, forests
You are suffocating who you let inside.
Your figure is like smoke, once solid
Reduced to dirty molecules, stinging in my eyes
Track Name: Zombie
I don’t want a thing to do with you
Or any of those people you’ve been talking to
Cause theyre all inside your head telling you to walk in a straight line
I know youre pretending that you’ve always been fine

But you cant keep walking with the dead

Don’t tell me you know what youre getting into
Don’t tell me im why youre alive
Im inside your head telling you to walk in a straight line
Im inside your head now all the time.

And you cant keep walking with the dead.
Track Name: Wishing You Could Read My Mind
I am on the outside and I guess ive always been
I was running races like your love
Was something I could win

I will lose you
I will lose you
I will lose you
And I wont care

Ive been painting pictures of my thoughts, but its all in vain
Cause pictures all look better in my head
You wont see them the same.

I have lost you
I have lost you
I have lost you
And I don’t care.
Track Name: Snow Pillow
If you want me to go, I’ll go
If you want me to stay, I’ll stay.

You were holding me like I was something you could save
But you don’t care about who’s gonna dig your grave.

If you want me to go, I’ll go.
If you want me to stay, I’ll stay.
Track Name: Butterflies
If you can convince everyone that youre happy,
Maybe youll be happy.
Sirens don’t scare you anymore
You hate yourself for hoping
Something spiteful

And all that you do has been depleting you
You don’t have a clue, and you don’t want to.

I think I know where youre going
Clutching your phone like itll save you from the cold
Promises are hard to keep
When you don’t sleep at night

Should I evaporate
Or become static cling?
You don’t wanna wait
You never will.

Love cannot save you
I can see it in your eyes
When people die, they become butterflies
Maybe you just want to fly.
Track Name: If You Were A Desert
the truth is we're all flowers
but im a wilting one inside of the mall parking lot
nobody ever waters me
ill never be part of a bouquet
and its useless asking passerby's to notice when
theyre all ten feet taller than me
so i sit, i pray for shade
i pray for sun, i pray for light, i pray for rain.

if you were a desert,
im a scorpion, and she is an oasis
if you were an ocean,
im an oil rig, and shes a coral reef
if you would go to the theater to watch her
on the movie screen
then im the stupid little kernel
that you cant get out of your teeth

just let me be.
Track Name: Sleep Limbo
i dont know what my life means anymore
or what i want it to or what im going for
maybe ill just board some plane and fly
convince everyone i know im alright
Track Name: I Was Built To Cry On
Baby, baby cry on me
I was built to cry on.
Life is cold sometimes so cry on me.

Its okay to want to die sometimes
But I want you alive in return for my kindness.

Just cry on me baby.
Its okay.
Track Name: Glow In The Dark
Shadows on the wall all make me long for you
Monsters in my closet made me strong for you
So before you close the open door
Admit that you are hiding
From the shadows on the wall that make me long
For you

Suddenly, sweetly, oh my god, you are here
And the things I have kept quiet all get spilled
Into your ear
Only hold me in the hurricane
While your family’s asleep
You cant let them see the broken part of you
That is me

(hold me in the dark
Ill glow in the dark)
Track Name: Cold Feet
you said ‘i cant trust you, anymore’. and in that moment all I wanted was to be dead, wanted to hurt, wasted and empty on the floor. I turned away and started leaving, I haven’t seen you since then. Its been twelve months, maybe more. The eyes that you loved once, they started flowing like the creek in the woods where you told me for the first time that you didn’t want me anymore.

but should i have listened then? would it have fixed this? you were my only friend, and that was my greatest flaw, but i know in a hundred years, i could make a hundred more. and i guess what i am saying is i dont regret anything. i have learned about myself and what it means to be me. I still want to apologize, for real this time, but I know you think its fake. i cant bring myself to say those old words to you again. i keep getting cold feet. i keep running away. i keep closing my phone. i keep turning the corner. i keep biting my tongue. i keep waiting for time. i keep shuttin my eyes. but I have forgiven myself, so maybe I don’t need you to.